Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day We Broke Mom

Mom was always a good person. She was the model for all of us to be good. She never cursed, talked bad about other people, etc. With 3 boys to manage, we stressed her, and stressed her. Amazingly, she never broke.

Until one day...

I was 12, and my 2 brothers and I were home on school break. It was one of those days where the fighting between us grew out of control. We were screaming and yelling at each other. I guess, it was all the fights that came before that did it. All the pushing and shoving and yelling and screaming. Something did it. Because in the middle of this was my mom, trying to calm us down. But we were not calm-able that day

All of a sudden she shuddered and said in an out of control manner, F__K!

Silence descended over the house. Something strange had just happened. Something bad had just happened. A word came out of my mothers mouth that never had been uttered before. We were all so shocked that we instantly stopped fighting. I hung my head heavy with the thought "What have we done?". Mom said the F word!. What did we do? We broke Mom.

We all went to our rooms without being told. I think to pray that this could be undone. Mom never said that word again as far as I know. But we were always careful never to push past a certain point. We didn't want to break mom again.

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