Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Goodwill

Just before we moved out of CA (2002), we decided to get rid of a lot of stuff that we didn't need anymore.

My wife had a large book collection and we went through and put together about 30 boxes of high quality books. Novels, classics, history, philosophy, etc. All were library quality.

I also gathered about 5 pc's that were perfectly good but no longer used. All were 386 or better systems.

I called Goodwill and asked for a pickup.

A few days later, a Goodwill driver shows up with a truck. I told him I had a lot of stuff and had it around the side of the house.

I started bringing the boxes around to the truck. I placed them all on the end of the truck. The driver would not bend down and pick up any of the boxes. All he would do was, using one foot, kick each box to the back of the truck.

As I brought more and more boxes and placed them on the end of the truck, the driver seemed be getting more and more distressed.

After I had stacked about 20 boxes on the truck, there was no more room on the end of the truck so I got in and pushed the boxes to the back myself.

I then went back to get more, I still had about 10 boxes and the computers. I told the guy I would help him, stack the boxes.

I went around the side and picked up 2 more boxes. When I came around I couldn't believe what I saw. The truck driver had taken off, with the truck gate wide open, a few books spilling out the truck as he accelerated away.